It is important that you let a member of our team know about any food allergy's you may have. We can then take every precaution in our kitchen to prevent cross contamination.


Non Vegetarian

Special Mixed Platter (For 2 persons. Sweet and sour with onions and peppers). £7.95
Garlic Chicken Tikka (Mild pepper, green chillies, garlic and onions). £3.50
Mustard Lamb (Pieces of lamb cooked in mustard sauce). £3.50
Coliza Bhaja (Spicy chicken liver). £3.50
Duck Sila (Marinated pieces of duck). £3.95
Duck Shashlik (Sweet and sour with onions and peppers). £3.95
Hot Meat/Chicken Puree £3.50
Mixed Kebab £3.50
Reshmi Kebab £3.50
Sheek Kebab £3.10
Tandoori Chicken £3.10
Chicken Tikka £3.10
Lamb Tikka £3.25
Shashlik (Chicken/Lamb) £3.50
Chicken Pakora £3.10
Meat Somosa £2.95


Fish Tikka (Tilapia) £3.95
Tandoori Salmon £4.50
Garlic/Chilli King Prawns £3.95
King Prawn/Chilli King Prawn Puree £3.95
Prawn Puree £3.50


Aloo Pakora £3.10
Garlic Mushrooms £3.10
Chilli Paneer £3.50
Paneer Shashlik Bhuna £3.50
Vegetable Somosa £2.85
Onion Bhaji £2.70
Chana or Vegetable Puree £2.95

Chefs Recommendations

Sylheti Lamb £8.95
Sylheti dishes are cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, ginger and a very rare wild lime fruit creating a unique taste that is only eaten in the province of Sylhet.

Naryali Chicken £8.95
Cooked in a highly spiced sauce created from fresh tomatoes, chillies, coconut and coriander.

Handi £8.50
chicken or lamb prepared with a fairly hot sauce made from peeled plum tomatoes, chillies, garlic, ginger and fresh coriander.

Sirka Duck £10.50
A medium hot dish, slow cooked tender duck cooked with pickled onions and peppers.

Chicken Chilli Bhayan £8.50
Chicken fillets marinated in spices and herbs, prepared with peppers and fresh chillies, cooked in a thick hot sauce.

Kebab Bhuna Massalah £8.50
Tandoori sheek kebabs marinated in a tandoori sauce along with fresh herbs and spices, onions and chillies. hot and sour in taste.

Sheek Kebab Cheese Massalah £8.95
As in Chicken Tikka Cheese Massalah

Tropical Balti
Cooked with Chicken or lamb, infused with balti spices, lychees and pineapple. served with peshwari nan.

Duck Shashlik Bhuna £10.95
this dish captures exquisite flavours of Duck mixed with chunky peppers and onions with a bit of tomato and a dash of worchester sauce to form a dry, medium dish.

Nawabi Duck £10.95
strips of duck breast cooked with fresh herbs and spices, onions and mild peppers. medium in strength.

Deshi Bhoog £8.50
slowly cooked with either chicken or lamb in a rich, spicy and hot sauce. a village favourite dish.

Tandoori Mixed Karahi £9.95
a medium dish with a mix of meats including tandoori chicken on the bone, chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab cooked with chunky onions and peppers. served in an iron skillet.

Pheri Lamb £8.50
a hot dish made with tender pieces of lamb slowly cooked with crushed red chillies and a special blend of herbs and spices.

Desi Lamb £9.95
a fairly hot and flavoursome dish prepared with a special blend of spices, fresh chillies, onions and coriander. served with fried rice.

Bombay Hash £10.95
an authentic dish cooked with crispy duck in a bombay style sauce made from onions, chillies and coriander.

Mooli Makhon £9.95
an authentic dish containing a combination of mooli (Radish), spinach, chillies, garlic and ginger cooked with your choice of meats.

Paneer Pasand £9.95
a combination of paneer, spinach and your choice of meats cooked to a medium strength using fresh herbs and spices creating a savoury dish.

Kursi Lamb £59.95
for four people. Whole leg of lamb served cooked with a special selection of spices, chunky onions and peppers, slow cooked for extra tenderness. Served with rice and nan. A minimum of 24 hours notice required before hand.


Bengal Special Maser Jhol £10.95
an intriguing cultural crossover for fish lovers cooked with diced salmon fillets tossed in a blend of green chillies, cumin, ginger paste and coconut milk.

Salmon Jhalfrezi £10.95
pieces of salmon fillets cooked with green chillies, strips of onions and peppers creating a fairly hot and spicy dish.

Salmon Tikka Massalah £10.95
as in tikka massalah

Sylheti Fish Mazadar £9.50
a dish popular in the region of Sylhet cooked with Bangladeshi white fish in a zesty, aromatic sauce with rare lime fruit.

King Prawn Sabji Makhon £10.95
king prawns cooked with paneer, spinach, green chillies and garlic in a mix of spices creating a fairly hot and spicy dish.

King Prawn Jhalfrezi £10.95
king prawns cooked with green chillies, strips of onions and peppers creating a fairly hot and spicy dish.

Jhinga Massalah £10.95
king prawns stuffed with garlic and ginger, baked in a clay oven and then cooked in and onion based sauce with garlic and tomatoes creating a thick and flavourful dish.

Special Seafood Tawa £10.95
specially prepared with king prawns, prawns and Bengali fish cooked with garam massalah, a mix of spices, onion rings, pepper rings and tomatoes creating a medium strength dish.

Tandoori King Prawn Tawa £10.95
Salmon Tawa £10.95

House Specialities

Bengal Special Mixed Bhuna 9.50
chicken & lamb tikka, tandoori king prawn and off the bone tandoori chicken combined with onions, mushrooms and chilli peppers with a special selection of herbs and spices to form a truly special dish.

Bengal Labra £8.50
chicken tikka, spinach and chick peas cooked with lots of garlic, turmeric and coriander.

Murgi Keema £8.50
off the bone tandoori chicken cooked in a minced meat based sauce with herbs and spices to form a medium strength dish

Garlic Chicken or Lamb £8.50
pieces of chicken or lamb tikka cooked with fresh garlic, dozens of green spices producing a medium hot dish.

Tawa (Chicken or Lamb). £8.50
tandoori chicken or lamb tikka specially cooked with garam massalah, tomatoes, onion and pepper rings served in a cast iron tawa.

Chicken Jai Puree £8.50
a delicately tasty dish cooked in medium spices and yoghurt, cream, boiled egg and tomatoes dressed with fresh coriander.

Pasanda (Chicken or Lamb). £8.50
a creamy dish cooked with fresh ginger strips, ground almond and garam massalah, garnished with crushed pistachio nuts and cream

Chicken Tikka Dhall Massalah £8.50
chicken tikka cooked with onions, green peppers, lemon and lentils to form a sour dish

Makhani Chicken £8.50
mild and creamy dish cooked with mint to form a distinctive taste.

Kashmiri (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50
mild and fruity dish cooked with lychees and cream

Jhalfrezi (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50
chicken or lamb tikka cooked with green chillies, peppers and onions creating a fairly hot dish

Silsila (Chicken or Lamb) £8.50
strips of chicken or lamb marinated in a special blend of spices and cooked with peppers, onions, chillies and tomatoes. served in a sizzling platter.

Naga (Chicken or lamb) £8.50
a fairly hot dish cooked in a sauce consisting of aromatic spices and exotic naga chillies.

Begom Bahar £8.50
a mixture of chicken tikka, lamb tikka, sheek kebab and boiled egg cooked with onions, green peppers, tomatoes and fresh coriander to form a medium strength curry.

Achari Gosht £8.50
cubes of tender lamb cooked with mango or lime pickle, fresh garlic, onions, tomatoes and coriander.

New Dishes

Khodhu Gosht £8.95
A medium strength dish with butternut squash, chilli, ginger, corriander and mixed herbs and spices, cooked with chicken.

Mango Monsoon £8.95
Chicken and lamb, mild and fruity dish cooked with mango, coconut and chefs spices. Mild and creamy dish.

King Prawn Begun £11.95
King prawns cooked with aubergine in a medium strengthed traditional sauce. A very tasty dish.

Aloo Chringri £9.95
Traditional home style dish cooked with prawns, potato and peppers, with herbs and spices cooked to a medium strength.

Zaal Tandoori £8.95
On the bone chicken, marinated in chefs special tandoori sauce. Hot and spicy, cooked in a clay oven. Served with salad and chefs own hot sauce.

Adha Murgh £8.95
Strips of chicken breast cooked in a ginger sauce with fresh garlic, onions, garam massala and garnished with a healthy helping of spring onions.

Lamb Chop Bhuna £10.95
Succulent lamb chops cooked with onions, tomatoes and coriander in a thick medium strength sauce. Mango & Chilli Fish £9.95
Succulent pieces of Bangladesh white fish, slightly flavoured with mango chutney and chilli massala before being pan fried with herbs and spices. Served with Bengali fried rice.

Tandoori Specialities

These dishes are marinated in a spiced yoghurt based sauce, baked on a skewer in a tandoori (clay oven). Dry dishes are served with salad and Massalah dishes are served with Pilau rice.

Dry Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Chicken (Half chicken on the bone). £6.10
Chicken Tikka (Pieces of boneless chicken breast). £6.10
Lamb Tikka (Pieces of Lamb). £6.50
Tandoori Mixed Grill (Tandoori chicken, chicken & lamb tikka and sheek kebab). £9.95
Tandoori King Prawns £10.50
Chicken Shashlik £7.50

Tandoori Massalah Dishes

Tandoori Chicken Massalah (Off the bone). £8.95
Chicken Tikka Massalah £8.95
Tandoori King Prawn Massalah £10.95
Lamb Tikka Massalah £8.95
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Butter Massalah £8.95
Chicken Tikka Cheese Massalah £9.50

Balti Dishes

All balti dishes are cooked with a collection of fresh spices, herbs, onions, tomatoes, coriander and fenugreek blended with special balti spices to form a medium strength dish. served with a plain nan.

Balti Meat Dishes

Balti Meat £8.95
Balti Meat Saag £9.50

Balti Seafood

Balti Fish £8.50
Balti Prawn £10.95
Balti Prawn Saag £11.95

Balti Vegetables

Balti Mixed Vegetables £6.95
Balti Saag Aloo £6.95
Balti Chana Aloo £6.95

Balti Chicken Dishes

Balti Chicken Tikka £8.95
Balti Chicken Tikka Saag £9.25
Balti Chicken £8.50
Balti Chicken Saag £8.95
Balti Chicken Mushroom £8.95
Tikka Massalah £9.10

Well Known Dishes

Selected from: Vegetables £5.10, Chicken £5.95, Chicken Tikka £6.10, Lamb £5.95, Lamb Tikka £6.10, Prawns £5.95, King Prawns £9.50
Bhuna (thick curry cooked with onions, tomatoes and coriander).
Madras (medium hot dish)
Vindaloo(very hot curry with pieces of potato).
Dansak (sweet and sour dish cooked with lentils)
Korma (mild, creamy dish cooked with coconut and ground almonds)
Rogon Josh (cooked with lots of garlic and tomatoes)
Pathia (medium hot dish, sweet & sour flavoured with onions and tomatoes)
Dupiaza (hot & creamy dish cooked with chunky onions and garlic)

Biriyani Dishes

the following dishes are presented with pilau rice mixed with any meat, vegetable or prawns, dressed with egg and salad. served with a vegetable curry.
Bengal Special Biriyani £8.95
Chicken Tikka Biriyani £8.50
Chicken or Lamb Biriyani £8.25
Prawn Biriyani £8.25
King Prawn Biriyani £10.50
Vegetable Biriyani £7.95

Gosht Dishes

highly spiced with garlic, fenugreek and coriander
Saag Gosht (spinach and meat) £6.95
Methi Gosht (Fenugreek and meat) £6.95
Bindhi Gosht (okra and met) £6.95
Begun Gosht (Aubergine and meat) £6.95

Vegetable Side Dishes

all vegetable dishes are fresh vegetables cooked in a quantity of onions, green peppers, a touch of spices and fresh herbs.

Mixed Vegetable Curry £3.50
Mixed Vegetable Bhaji £3.50
Bindhi Bhaji (okra) £3.50
Gobi Bhaji (cauliflower) £3.50
Bombay Aloo £3.50
Saag Bhaji (spinach) £3.50
Brijnjal Bhaji (aubergines) £3.50
Aloo Palak (potato and spinach) £3.50
Mushroom Bhaji £3.50
Motor Paneer (Indian cheese and peas) £3.50
Saag Paneer (spinach and indian cheese) £3.50
Tarka Dhall (Lentils with garlic) £3.50
Aloo Gobi (potato and cauliflower) £3.50
Aloo Begun (potato and aubergines) £3.50
Any Curry Sauce £3.10
Raitha (onion or cucumber) £1.50

English Dishes

Sirloin steak £11.50
Fried Chicken & Chips £7.50


Plain Nan £1.95
Garlic Nan £2.50
Keema Nan (mince meat) £2.50
Cheese Nan £2.50
Paswari Nan (fruity) £2.50
Massalah Kulcha (Vegetable) £2.60
Chilli Nan £2.50
Garlic & Cheese Nan £2.60
Garlic & Chilli Nan £2.60
Cheese & Tomato Nan £2.60
Cheese & Paswari Nan £2.60
Date & Ginger Nan £2.60
Batura £2.50
Paratha £2.50
Stuffed Paratha £2.60
Chapati £1.50
Tandoori Roti £1.80
Chips £1.95
Papadoms £0.50
Spicy Papadom £0.60
Chutney £1.50

Special Rices

Boiled Rice £1.95
Pilau Rice £2.10
Mushroom Rice £2.50
Vegetable Rice £2.50
Garlic Rice £2.50
Egg Fried Rice £2.50
Keema Rice £2.50
Peas Rice £2.50
Fruity Rice £2.50
Coconut Rice £2.50
Special Fried Rice £2.95

Set Meals

For One Person £12.95
Papadom & Pickles, Onion Bhaji, Chicken Tikka Massalah, Pilau Rice and Plain Nan.

For Two Persons £24.95
Papadoms & Pickles, Vegetable Somosa, Chicken Tikka, Lamb Bhuna, Chicken Tikka Massalah,
Mushroom Bhaji, Plain Nan, Pilau Rice.

For Four Persons £49.95
Popadoms & Pickles, 2 Onion Bhaji, 2 Lamb Tikka, Chicken Korma, Lamb Tikka Massalah, Prawn Bhuna, Saag Chicken, 2 Mixed Vegetables Bhaji, Plain Nan, Keema Nan, 2 Pilau Rice